We all meet that one person who creates butterflies in our stomach. You spend every waking moment together, talking on the phone, texting or sharing funny GIFs to laugh together.
Why start writing a travel journal as a solo traveler you ask? As solo travelers, we experience so much on our own and are free to do whatever we please. But
Solo traveling is something everyone needs to experience in their lifetime. Once you travel alone for the first time you are likely going to want to do it again. But
Traveling alone and looking for ways to save
Looking for new places to go while on a budget? Glad you are! But I want to travel alone. Still possible to save? Absolutely, as long as you focus on
Black Woman thinking about where to go and worrying about her safety
At TravSolo, we’re on a mission to spread the word about the joys and excitement of traveling alone. Whether you’re hoping to shop, museum hop, or day drink with locals,

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