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How to Start a Travel Journal for Solo Travelers


Why start writing a travel journal as a solo traveler you ask? As solo travelers, we experience so much on our own and are free to do whatever we please. But sometimes it is hard to share your story with family and friends in a more digestible way, especially if you do not have someone to back it up.

Starting a travel journal is a good way to write about the many adventures we take and share it with others. You can have a place to write about your stories, cultures and customs you experience, observations, and a way to remember your travels and reflect on them down the road.

Know your reasoning for writing

Ask yourself what is the journal really for — It is a personal account of your travel experience to reminisce later on? Looking to share your experience with your family and friends? Or a mixture of both? This will help you understand what style and tone of voice you want to use, what to add in and leave out.

Think of what you want to include

When starting to write a travel journal consider adding your itinerary, intended routes to explore, people you have met throughout your journey, favorite meals, best areas, surreal moments, new experiences, the good, bad and ugly, photos and captions for each. Be opened to writing about the sounds you hear, the food you taste, things you smell, your intuitions, & the vibes you get.

Get something on paper ASAP

While you are experiencing new things, while traveling alone, you may not have time to write full paragraphs about your journey right in the moment. Jot down a few words to help you remember your thoughts as they come.

Choosing when to write

Writing, as you move from point A to point B, is the best because you have idle time to observe and write while you wait to arrive at your destination. Grab a seat, either on the train, bus or taxi — another option is to find a nice cafe or restaurant to enjoy a meal and write after. Start writing about everything that comes to mind!

Date your entries

Make sure to add dates for each new writing entries, to help you distinguish on one day to the other.


YOU control the narrative

Travel is about living in the moment and is the most important part of your journey. Don’t feel pressured to have to write about everything. We all have those experiences we know will never be forgotten. You control what you feel or don’t feel like writing about. We are all the writer of our own story!

Enjoy yourself and writing

Focus on having the time of your life. You are going to do exciting things and writing about your experience should be too! It may feel like a chore sometimes so try thinking of ways to to make it more enjoyable, like shortening your writing entries to a few sentences or writing when you feel inspired to.

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By Chizoba Anyaoha

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